Do we need lean in the office? Here is the quick self-test

General Lean Administration

Do we need lean in the office? Here is the quick self-test

Start the test: how many of the following statements apply to you?

– We have high work orders

– We often have to interrupt our work due to missing or insufficient information

– It happens again and again that we have to redo work that has been completed because not everything was correct

– We start from scratch with every order or offer

– We cannot fall back on know-how from previous projects

– Quiet work is often unthinkable because we keep playing firefighters

– There are always complaints from our customers (including internal customers)

– We need to regularly search for documents or other records (also electronically)

– Our filing structures are not clear

– Our processes take a long time, although the actual processing time is relatively short

– Many documents are saved or archived several times

– We spend a lot of time processing emails

– We receive a lot of information that we do not need

– Responsibilities are not always clear

– We are taking on more and more tasks for which we are not actually responsible, because otherwise we would not get any further with our work

– We have no substitution rules

– With some special activities we have a bottleneck because only 1 employee has the know-how

– We are often interrupted at work

– We spend a lot of time in meetings
total number of replies

Evaluation: How many statements are correct?

0 – 5 :
• Did you answer the questions correctly? Repeat the test. If you come back to the result: Congratulations! You can certainly support other Lean users with your experience.
6 – 10:
• You should put lean administration on the agenda. Start in an area with Lean Administration. Then transfer the experiences and results to other areas of the company.
More than 10:
• You should not waste any time and start implementing Lean Administration immediately. Get professional help. If you don’t do anything now, you risk not only reducing customer satisfaction, but also a high level of frustration among your employees, which can be reflected in internal resignation, actual resignation or a high level of sickness.

Kathrin Saheb

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