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The combination of classic consulting, training and implementation coaching has now proven itself as best practice for excellent organizational structures and the implementation of the lean management approach

Lean Management & Organizational Consulting

  • Lean Management – “Lean Administration”
    • Project support
    • Education/Training
    • Coaching
    • Lean Culture
  • Introduction of CIP – continuous improvement processes
  • Process management

Behavior – Education – Change Management

  • Accompaniment of change processes
  • Train the trainer concepts
  • Training/Education for:
    • Change Management
    • Communication
    • Leadership
  • Support of team building processes
  • Culture change
  • Vision development

New: Ways out of permanent availability

  • The accessibility concept for your company
  • Lecture event: Ways out of permanent availability
  • The accessibility check: practical application
  • Qualification of employees in dealing with permanent availability

Result: Proven increase in company performance through application-oriented employee training based on the latest theoretical learning findings through excellent organizational structures


2-day seminars

  • Lean administration step by step: the seminar for the book.
  • Basics of change management
  • Ways out of permanent availability with the strategic overall concept
  • In-house appointments by arrangement
  • Open seminars: Dates here

lecture events

  • Shaping the future with lean management: the underestimated management approach
  • The internal recruitment process as a competitive factor in the search for specialists and executives
  • Duration: approx. 60 – 90 minutes

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