The webinar for the modular training program


Are the workflows in your administration quite complex and cumbersome? Would you like to work more efficiently and productively even in indirect areas of the company?

In fact, employees spend about 30% of their working time on activities that do not add value and are unnecessary. In our free webinar, learn how to use Lean Administration to optimize indirect business areas – from purchasing to IT to administration – and set them up cost-effectively.

Create room for innovation and growth by constantly focusing on customer needs, relieving employees of unnecessary tasks and systematically eliminating waste from work processes.

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Hardware: PC, laptop or smartphone with internet connection

Type: webinar recording

Duration: 45 minutes

Increase your competitiveness even in INDIRECT business areas!

What to expect from the webinar:

In the 45-minute webinar, you’ll get an introduction to Lean Management and learn how to implement Lean Administration for you and your business.

Why a lean administration?

  • Basic terms of lean management and demarcation of lean administration and production
  • In the foreground: added value and waste
  • The benefit for the company and for the employees

The implementation

  • The approach according to the lean principles
  • prerequisite for proper implementation
  • limits and risks

Live online training

  • The first step: employee qualification
  • Overview of the modular training program for lean administration experts
  • Overview of live online learning and technical and organizational information

After the webinar, you will understand how you could use Lean in the administrative and indirect areas of the company and what benefits the modular Lean Expert training program would offer you.

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